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Emmy-Award Winner, Dina Hawthorne is ready to help others Get Up and Reset their lives after hardship, trauma, and/or disappointment. Dina Hawthorne lays the foundation of this book by sharing her inspiration and a few personal stories. Her experiences are genuine, knowledgeable, spiritual, and transparent — allowing her to create a tool that supports in realigning the mind, body, and spirit effectively.

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  GET UP & RESET        

Get Up and Reset - Realigning your mind, body, and spirit in 12 minutes is a motivational - self-improvement tool that holistically puts you back in the driver's seat of your own life, serving as a personal spiritual growth aide. 

"Manifestation is ineffective without action."

We all have reached a point in our lives where our mind, body and spirit felt overwhelmed with the weight of all our memories and unresolved traumas, which can make life unbearable at times.

"When life is a little sour - Add a little sugar to it." 

At some point, you will need to "Get Up and Reset" your life. This book will support you in taking the first step towards restoring balance; while providing the tool you need to achieve and maintain the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit. 




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"At first, I didn't understand how this would actually work. I realized small steps over a long period of time, will help me remain consistent with my mental health. I am grateful for such a tool as this." Liz


"I had the opportunity to do the GET UP & RESET Routine every morning for 30 days and it was life shifting. It allowed me to focus, to calm my anxiety, to intentionally make time for myself and God every day. This isn't a book just about mediation. This is NOT another SELF HELP BOOK! As a matter of fact, I would call this SELF-WORK book. This book encourages you to do the tangible work for and on yourself." O. Miller


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